Stacy Dyson

people need to understand...poetry is a fire element....


Use this space for recommendations, opinions, thoughts...I appreciate them all!

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Reply Vogue Robinson
10:24 PM on May 12, 2016 
Testimony: Stacy Ardis Dyson is all artist, all the time. She is a woman who breathes life into her own work with the tilt of her head and raising a stern eyebrow. She is subtle and she's a master. In discussing my own poetry and performance style, Stacy accurately pointed out that I was holding back. She told me, "Honey, if you're gonna go there, GO THERE." And it was a challenge I wasn't up to facing just yet. We sometimes guard our art/poetry/life, but then, when you decide to share it aloud, Stacy helps you dig deep and find ways to creatively and genuinely present it with justice.

Amen to that.
Vogue Robinson
Reply Stacy Dyson
9:59 AM on April 28, 2016 
Stacy Ardis Dyson
Our first meeting was in a coffee shop; I had been selected to read a piece that I had written for a group in a somewhat unconventional setting ? a bar. Stacy had been assigned to help me with my performance. She was immediately comfortable to talk to and work with. I had not experienced ?Performance Coaching? before so this was an interesting new opportunity. Stacy was efficient and serious with a strong capability of setting me at ease. We worked well together and the coaching was quite successful and helpful in improving my performance.

Over the past several years Stacy and I have worked together on a number of projects. These have included additional one-on-one performance coaching, audio recording of poetry, large group presentations coaching and planning projects, and performance at which she excels.

Stacy is always a wonderful combination of professional and personable. She puts people at ease in one of the most dis-ease inducing settings; public speaking. She has excellent insight into the subtle art of finding the essential elements of a piece of writing and emphasizing those elements.

Stacy conducted a highly effective writing experience for women poets. The personal and artistic growth of the participants that resulted was incredible. The performances were highly professional and received high marks from both the participants and audiences.

Stacy is reliable, dedicated, intense and energetic. I have personally learned a great deal from working with her and highly recommend her for project management, performance coaching and live and recorded performance.

Ronald B. Pickett

Reply Youth Transformation Center
9:02 AM on March 9, 2016 
L'Artiste Extraordinaire! You rocked the house at Colorado College Packard Hall, performing your heart out to a riveted audience of 300. Talk show host of KVOR Richard Randall was enamored! Of all the performers on stage that day, it was YOU he wanted to interview and tape for his radio show! Ahhhhh I remember it well. It was an amazing day. Your new Website is just a glimpse into your artistry, your poetry in motion. May you continue to bring joy into the lives of all those lucky enough to witness the very delightful Stacy Dyson!
With love from all of us at the Youth Transformation Center in Colorado!
Reply Stacy Dyson
5:14 PM on February 12, 2016 
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Stacy Dyson. For over ten years, I have received the immense benefit of having Mrs. Dyson as both my creative mentor and colleague. Not only is she a skilled wordsmith, but her powerful context inspires artistry in youth across America.
Mrs. Dyson is a dynamic force to be recognized. As my teacher, she taught me to be true to my vision no matter the circumstances. My art matters and my worth matters: it?s not about the money, but all the same, I deserve to receive for the contributions I give. Art is not a hobby. Art is a commitment. An agreement between me and the paper, to give my life to something greater. I was taught to speak and write and bleed for the truth- my truth- however I choose to see it. Hold nothing back, leave nothing unsaid.
But what is most remarkable about Mrs. Dyson, is that she never needed to verbalize these teachings. Her presence demands a certain kind of listening that draws brilliance from her students without preaching. She portrays a rare form of integrity that I have often found wanting in the customary educational system. She doesn?t simply support writers, she empowers them. She grows beside them. She won?t settle for my second best. She won?t accept my third, fourth, or fifth rewrite, if there is even the slightest possibility I can deliver more. She stood for my greatness before I showed any sign of it. In fact, I may have never pursued a writing career had it not been for Mrs. Dyson.
Now that I write professionally, I am thrilled to call my mentor my colleague. On stage she is electrifying: taking on voices and stories that capture an imagination twice the size of any audience. Her commitment to the evolution of literary scholarship is a marvel in and of itself. She pushes boundaries, dares to speak the unspoken, and never ceases to create anew. Of all my living poetic heroines, Ms. Dyson is unparalleled.
For these reasons, I am overly confident in her ability to enrich your program and inspire your students. Please contact me with further questions. Thank you for your time.
Kyla Rae Walstad
[email protected]
Reply Stacy Dyson
4:46 PM on February 12, 2016 
February 6, 2016
To Whom it May Concern:
You might recognize the problem a person might face while writing his or her praises for another poet would be akin to some form of performance anxiety. It is this idea that capitalizes on my feelings for the poetic finesse, grace, and power demonstrated by Stacy Dyson. As a person who rarely is without a quip or adjective, Ms. Dyson routinely leaves me speechless. It is my great honor to provide you with my recommendation for one of the most influential artists I have had the pleasure of meeting, Ms. Stacy Dyson.
Now, I realize that the occupation of ?artist? hardly garners the respect it once did. And ?Poet?? ?Poet? is no longer an occupation: it is a hobby: A cute little thing you parade out at Christmas parties after everyone has had a glass or two of wine. It is from beneath this social stigma that Ms. Dyson has staked her claim and pursued her calling. Direct and persistent, her words remind us all that ?Poet? is synonymous to ?God-send? if you listen. She protects and preserves the power of intentional language, and consequently, revitalizes this powerful medium in the lives of countless individuals.
Over the decade that I have known Ms. Dyson, I have never once seen her idle. The *Founder and Director of Dragonswing Women?s Poetry Troupe (Colorado Springs), she is a catalyst on the poetic scene throughout Colorado, California, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and most recently, Louisiana. Networking with a host of grass root organizations, school systems, and community efforts, Ms. Dyson is evidence of someone powered beyond a base self-serving motivation. More, she believes in what she does. It is the solid conviction behind this belief that shocks children into prose, awakens adults from mundane motions?Ms. Dyson builds relations. In a world that is falling further into the silence of isolation, Ms. Dyson is an opposing force reanimating the meaning of humanity.
It is with pride I present you with one of the finest examples of a modern-day ?shero?: dedication despite obstacles, concern for the care of community, action in the face of apathy, and the dogged pursuit of one?s own song. Stacy Dyson is a constant role model for children and adults alike; a word of clarity in a world hard enough to make you forget your own name.
In the Spirit in the hopeful and the unafraid,
DaKishia Reid
Reply Cindy Santiago
4:23 PM on May 18, 2015 
Dear Stacy,
You are such an inspiration to me and to many. I met you a few years ago at the N.C.W.C. in San Diego. I was wowed listening to you and watching you recite your beautifully written poems. You are passionate in what you do. One feels your joy, feels your pain, feels every word in your poetry. Thank you and God bless you for being a woman that entertains, teaches, and moves your audience. I am blessed to know you. Thank you for all you do. You are a talented, giving soul. Love, Cindy Santiago
Reply Philip aka Midnight Poet
10:42 PM on June 29, 2014 
isn't it ironic, i first met Stacy in 2007 after someone told her that she had to meet me and see me perform...i had to meet her and see Stacy perform is the way it should have been...she has become and will always be my mentor, friend, confidant who can be constructively blunt at all times and very much has been a blessing to have been a branch on her professional tree that has been watered, nurtured, and grown over the years...thank you for sharing a stage with me earlier this year!!!
Reply Laura
7:27 PM on September 29, 2013 
I first met Stacy in 2011 and was fortunate enough to develop a strong business, and then later a rich personal relationship. We worked alongside each other first in the San Diego multimedia nonprofit, So Say We All. After being drawn to her strength and intuitive gift of word and rhythm, I was excited when she allowed me to apprentice under her as a performing poet. Her compassion, strength, sharp wit, and honesty taught me how to transform my poetry into life. With every piece we dove directly into the heart and I learned not only about writing and performing, but also about myself. Sadly our time together was too short, and my life path has taken me to other parts of the world. However even now, 2 years later, we are in touch and Stacy continues to advise me on both my writing and my life. She is a power force in art and life and anyone able to work alongside her is truly blessed.
Reply Rebecca
9:54 PM on July 7, 2013 
I cannot recommend this woman enough! I first worked with her as a coach for So Say We All- and she was the perfect person for me to work with. She's bright, perceptive, kind and no nonsense. Stacy brings out the best in a performer and gives them the courage to be the best, most honest performer they can be.
As a performer/poet herself- I must say, she brings it with a vengeance. The poetry is sharp, insightful and compelling and the delivery is dynamic and compelling. She commands the room from the first syllable and delivers a performance that will rock you.
I am very grateful to have been able to work with her, and I feel that much of the advice she gave me about my particular piece has resonance in the rest of my life.
Reply Judy Reeves
2:14 PM on January 29, 2012 
An hour spent with Stacy Dyson shows you the door into your work; two hours with her and you're living it. This woman is a magician, a spell-caster, a trusted guide into the world of what you have to say. You don't know how she does it, but she does. As a coach, the best; as a performer, stunning; as a supporter and encourager and all-around friend to writers and word performers, a gift and a blessing.
Reply Sean Masterson
12:35 PM on November 2, 2011 
Stacy has an uncanny ability to locate the heart of your story and pull it, still beating, from the body of your text and show it to you. It's a sight you will not soon forget. You're better than you think you are and Stacy can show you why. There is no going-through-the-paces here; she is a deliberate listener and a fierce partisan. A boxer could not ask for a better cut man; a writer could not ask for a better coach. Her own performances are intense and not to be missed.
Reply Keith McCleary
8:16 PM on August 28, 2011 
I hadn't worked with an acting coach in over a decade, and had a very pleasant experience returning to my roots with Stacy. Even with no prior experience with the text I brought in, she was able to hone in on it both from a narrative standpoint and as a performance piece, and illuminated a few simple things to bring out the essence of the work in a way I hadn't considered. An excellent mentor and collaborator.
Reply Jim Ruland
2:12 PM on August 28, 2011 
Working with Stacy is almost as exciting as performing. She always challenges me to get deeper into the piece and investigate my reasons for performing it. The creative process is about choices, and Stacy guides me toward the right ones. An indispensable asset to VAMP performers, So Say We All, and the San Diego writing community.
Reply Rebecca Moos
7:11 PM on August 26, 2011 
Thank God for Stacy Dyson! When I did my piece for the So Say We All's VAMP, I believed in my message, but I was very nervous about my ability to render it adequately. My biggest fear was misrepresenting an event in my life that I wanted to share. When I came to Stacy, I was a nervous wreck, but after a couple of hours, I not only believed in my piece, I believed in myself. She helped me perfect details of my writing, but most importantly, she taught me to deliver it clearly and earnestly. She had to totally start from scratch with me, as I had no previous experience in speaking. When I was on the stage, I was a changed person, and I will always credit her with helping me turn a corner as a writer and performer. I plan to go to Stacy for each one of my performances from now on.
Reply Francois Bereaud
4:25 PM on August 2, 2011 
Stacy was a tremendous coach for me as I prepared to do my first VAMP presentation. She explained her critiques carefully, always checking with me to see if they made sense in my mind. She also helped me see the difference between work that's meant to be read and work that's meant to be heard. In short, she was fantastic! Thank so much for being my guide in this experience. I look forward to more of them!
Reply Allen Clark
11:22 PM on May 29, 2011 
Stacy very recently helped me refocus a memoir piece for SSWA's VAMP. She's a tough critic and a great coach. She guided me to a stronger voice than the one i had written into the earlier drafts. It's one i felt completely comfortable with, and which worked beautifully for my first performance. Thanks, Stacy--over and over again!
Reply Ryan
11:05 AM on May 28, 2011 
Stacy recently helped me with a story I performed for SSWA's VAMP and I really can't thank her enough. She gave my performance and my words the energy they demanded! I'm not really a performer, but she honed in on some of my wordplay and structure to make it a piece that I was comfortable reading anywhere. Thank you, Stacy!
Reply Cristina
3:01 PM on March 21, 2011 
I was recently coached by Stacy for a VAMP/SSWA performance. I have never read anything for an audience and reading something that i wrote myself to an audience of strangers made me extremely anxious. My meeting with Stacy was unbelievably helpful and greatly beneficial. Everything I felt uncomfortable about before hand, she was there with exceedingly helpful advice to make it better. The end result was more than I could have asked for. She made me aware of all that I can do. Thank you Stacy!!

Reply mindysolis
1:17 PM on February 28, 2011 
Stacy is a rare creature with immense talent. I was lucky enough to have her coach me this past week for my performance at Vamp with So Say We All. Typically I keep my work confined to notebooks and doodle pads, so performing can make me anxious. Stacy made me feel at ease. With her suggestions, and thoughtful feedback my performance went quite well and I have her to thank for that!

-Mindy Solis
Reply Andy Roe
3:45 PM on February 27, 2011 
Recently I had the good fortune to work with Stacy for a So Say We All/VAMP reading. I couldn't have been happier with the results. Her coaching, insights, feedback, suggestions, etc., were right on the money.

I'm a writer and not a natural performer. Stacy was able to help take my reading/performance to a higher level (one that surpassed my expectations). She also proved to be a skillful editor, allowing me to hone and tighten my story.

So not only did I have a great performance experience; I was also able to walk away with a much improved story.

I highly, highly recommend Stacy. San Diego is lucky to have her.

Andy Roe
Reply David W. Tuffy
10:49 PM on February 26, 2011 
Stacy has coached a variety of performers from our organization, from experienced poets to first time story tellers. Her professional, reliable, exacting and encouraging help has been a huge factor in making our shows successful.

I had the good fortune of working directly with Stacy before my last performance. Her adjustments to tempo, language, and tone turned the piece from a witty anecdote to a wild story that had the audience howling. Couldn't have brought it off without her.

- David Tuffy
Board President
So Say We All
Reply JD
12:57 AM on January 12, 2011 
Absolutely mesmerizing.

Stacy Dyson is "like a fresh wild wind blowing."

A Renaissance woman.

Stacy Dyson makes a difference, like the sun on a day with no clouds.

Stacy Dyson is a poem.

Experience Stacy.
Reply Nathan Young
7:24 PM on January 10, 2011 
Stacy has been a great help to me as a writer and a performer. She has a gift for helping you break down your artistic vision into the essential elements and building it back up again. She was a great help to me on my last piece for So Say We All, helping me with my voice, timing and intonation. She helped me understand what was working and what wasn't and why, and explained it in a thoughtful way that made me feel good about me piece. She's an amazing teacher.
Reply Ikoi Hiroe
7:17 PM on January 5, 2011 
Oh, what can I say about Stacy? It's hard to put into words, but let me just say that she is one of the most impressive performance teacher/coaches I have ever come across, and I was so honored to have her feedback and instruction for my performance. She's an incredible teacher that is at once honest, yet inspiring with a firm guiding hand. What more can anyone ask for?
Reply Matthew Villaluz
12:15 AM on January 4, 2011 
I've always felt like I was a poet "on paper"...until I met Stacy. I read for this month's So Say We All VAMP and Stacy coached me for it. I took her guidance to heart, and as a result, I had the skills that allowed me to perform well...or as I told Stacy, I read the poem as it sounds like in my head. It was a great experience and I owe much of it to her. I hope to work with her again someday.
Reply Justin Hudnall, Executive Director, So Say We All
6:33 PM on November 17, 2010 
Stacy Dyson has lent her talents both as a headliner on our stage and as a performance coach to several of our artists, myself included. Her precise and practical gifts as a teaching artist enormously benefited all of us at every stage in the process, from the written word to the live performance. Most impressive though is how, no matter our artists' backgrounds or subject matter, Stacy can relate on the human level underneath it all, and is able to be such an effective mentor because of that.

Justin Hudnall
Executive Director
So Say We All
Reply Charlie Daly
5:23 PM on November 15, 2010 
Stacy taught me how to breath. She was my coach for a reading; we worked for hours on how to read my piece: how to breath on a semicolon vs. a hyphen, when to speed up, when to slow down--"there's a speed limit in this town," Stacy reminded me. We worked my piece--at full volume in a crowded cafe--until it was stage-ready. My performance went great, thank's to Stacy! I've also had the pleasure of seeing her perform one of her pieces. WOW. Stacy is the real deal!
Reply Amber Carlton
3:45 PM on November 6, 2010 
Stacy, you are truly a force of nature. From the time you take the stage, you own it! Your sharp wit, your wry humor and your beautiful way with words brings into sharp focus all of life's little absurdities, wonders, heartaches and joys. You grab your audience from the first moment and take them to unexpected places that they continue to think about long afterwards. I am so honored to know you and to have worked with you. You are truly a treasure.
Reply Luke AKA Goldilocks
9:34 PM on November 4, 2010 
Inspiring and insightful! Thanks for the support and smiles, your positive energy is contagious! It was a pleasure hearing you share your art and I look forward to lending an ear and sharing a stage with you again...Much love and peace be with you!
Reply Pat Johnson
1:01 AM on October 30, 2010 
Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me for this months show! Your feedback was invaluable and I have yet to feel as confident and prepared as I was last night walking up on stage to perform. I am so thankful I was able to spend a few afternoons with you and the experience is one I will not forget.
If you ever need anything, please let me know!

Reply janelle j
11:21 PM on October 26, 2010 
I love to hear Stacy speak her truth! It's like a breath of fresh air or that trip down memory lane you need to take for some reason or the other. You bring reality in a melodious way, gut wrenching way, which means she's provoked some time of emotion that makes you want to snap your fingers! Excellent expressionist.
Reply lorelei beckstrom
1:01 AM on October 17, 2010 
stacy you are electric!!! YES!!!

each time you performed, you filled our gallery with the absolute marrow of the creative force!! your rhythmic letterstrings made us THINK and FEEL and RELAX INTO BEING HUMAN!!

colorado springs will miss you and we all wish you the best in san diego!!! THANK YOU for being part of my sweet little life!!!

sending you much love and big smiles...

lorelei beckstrom
Reply Sean Waldron
7:32 PM on September 15, 2010 
Stacy Dyson always hits the stage with encouragement and enthusiasm for her craft. Her delivery is fantastic, and her audience interaction is phenomenal. It is a blast seeing and hearing Stacy do her thang from back stage, I can almost imagine how awesome it is from the audience! The best part is how real and pure her poetry is, you will never get a "done up, pretty to look at" poem from her. She has a gift from God and she is using it to bless a whole mess of people!
Reply Jeannette Holtham
9:41 PM on August 9, 2010 
Stacy, the poet extraordinaire...the very one who rocked the stage at Packard Hall, Colorado College on that balmy spring night in May 2008. She was our special guest celebrity for the "Big Dream Talent Show," a benefit event for Youth Transformation Center teens who deal daily with issues that put them at high risk. It was a packed house that night and you could hear a pin drop as she took the stage with the grace and poise of an awe inspiring, gentle winged dragon who immediately captured our ears and our hearts. Radio talk show host Richard Randall, our MC for the occasion, was so moved by her performance, it was Stacy he taped for his morning show on KVOR. Every young poet and rap artist who performed that night owes a debt of gratitude to Stacy who patiently coached each one for weeks prior to the event, and a month later helped them to cut their first exciting professional CD, "In This House." Stacy is a gift to all of us. Great Website BTW.