Stacy Dyson

people need to understand...poetry is a fire element....

from "And the World Did Not Fall Down (for Kimba Rael)"

 I will get in trouble for this poem...

but sometimes I have to breathe just for me

sing just for me

and ignore the fire- news from all my sister-girls' battlefields

be beautiful, be intelligent just for me..


Lord, I know there is a debt to be honored

I know

but today a butterfly trembled along the

edge of my finger

and I took a breath...


and the world did not fall down...


I should be on my knees

praying til angels' wings are broken

from the exhaustion of carrying my messages...

and I do     I will   I shall

like every other woman in this world

we do,

we will

we shall...



breathe sister

breathe warrior

breath mother, daughter, love

accept the blessing




let a butterfly tremble along the edge of your finger


the children will be fed

work get done, your loves


it will be done

because it has always been done


you know this...






                                                                      from  "Song for Dorothy Height"

do I wear just a rag around my head like the

sister in the fields who can't keep the heat from cooking her brain otherwise

keepin' it wet with dipper water and sweat til the boss man hollers time to quit?....

do I wear my hat heavy like my heart is sometime?

or light and balanced as my faith...


                                                         from "for Michelle Obama"

 Nutmeg sips champagne 'cross town

chitlins and collards for pretty brown

business girl true ebony

 just layin' it down

gold mellow, burnt cedar, beige copper....


light the incense, sing the praise, kneel in silence all your days

Bible, Koran, Talmud learn

God takes His tithe in time and tears

our hearts will break

but our faith will burn....


still judging just off what you see?

look, you do you and I'll do me

we can't be labelled that easily

my sisters, we just be

we be...

from...FOR....(I'll let ya know) 

I was born to this

born to spin words round the tips of my fingers
til your circulation stops
and rejuvenates itself int 24-7 heartaches that only serve to
clear your head

I was born from pure hope and golden dreams that beggar
any maharajah's imagination
and if I cannot be heard it's only because
the wind in your heart
does not lie at my beck and call
(but it will)

I am the god-daughter of a field holler and the purity of notes
even Mahalia could only dream of ...






from An Easy Trust

all that you see, all that I say

is not just what has brought me to this point in my life

brought me to you

it is how I have survived til now

it is rough-edged, sometimes

shrill, not beautiful

it is not that I can’t help it

I don’t know if I should

I have no frame of reference for

this love


te amo, te adoro

Love, I am asking for patience

knowing that I have no right

I am asking for time

knowing that there may not be  any left for us

I am asking you to hold faith in the way our eyes sing

our bodies ache

our souls embrace and dance like lovers in the square at midnight

fused together til even a drop of moonlight

cannot fall between